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6 Month Syllabus

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Advance Certificate
in Wealth Advisory
Advance Certificate in
Wealth Advisory
What is the Program all about?

The three months Advance Certificate in Wealth Advisory is designed for students of varied knowledge level and academic backgrounds. It equips you with the necessary knowledge and tools for a career as a wealth advisor.

Who is this Program for?

The Program is designed for learners of diverse knowledge and academic backgrounds who wish to become wealth advisors.

Total Hours of Course Work – 80
Soft Skills
Introduction to the Course
Science of Wealth
Business Mathematics
Rate of Exchange & Convertible Currency
Balancing the Books
Overview of Financial Markets
Rates & Credits
MF Industry
Insurance Industry
Immovable Assets
Offshore Assets
Offshore Investment
Portfolio Creation (Analysis of Investment)
Evaluation of Investment Banking
Basic Communication Skills
Writing Skills
Presentation Skills
What should you expect?

Get ready for an intensive learning journey for a career as a wealth advisor. This advanced-level course is designed to provide you with more profound knowledge and groom your soft skills for a successful career. You will learn the full range of financial instruments and asset classes, their features and suitability, including currency & exchange rates, real estate, offshore investments, along with creating and evaluating the portfolio. The program delves into the finer interplay of the asset classes in this real world. You will also be learning how to express and present yourself effectively and how to draft proposals.

Program Highlights
  • Concepts made easy
  • Case studies
  • Interactive live classes
  • Distinguished Faculty
  • Comprehensive understanding of the entire gamut of wealth management
  • Soft skills
Fee Structure
Course Fees
Early Bird Offer ₹ 39,999 ₹ 19,500/- (Inclusive of GST)