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6 Month Syllabus

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Program Details
Program Details
Curriculum of Program in Wealth Management
Soft Skills

Learning Outcomes

  • A strong foundation on which the learning journey will be built
  • Connect the dots within the economy around rates, credits, assets and currency
  • Helps learner to learn relevant business math and statement of accounts
  • Helps learner to have a comprehensive view of the interconnected role macro parameters play within the economy
  • Build on the basics of risk profiling
Introduction to the course
Science of wealth
Rate of exchange & convertible currency
Balancing the books
Numbers & Macros
Business Maths
Risk portrait

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the art of financial needs analysis
  • Work on software-led scenarios on different assets
  • Build dummy portfolios
  • Learn the nuances of all the assets and the correlation amongst them when building a financial plan
  • Identify Risk profiles of different assets (Covering Equity, Fixed Income, Commodity, real estate and alternate investments)
  • Detailed insight into
    • MF Industry
    • Insurance industry
  • Interact with clients
  • Work on Presentations and improve clarity
  • Contribute to journal writing
  • Prepare comprehensive wealth plans
  • Build portfolios, implementing all the theories and concepts
  • Review the plan and evaluate the portfolio
  • Rebalancing of portfolios
  • Relevant legal framework and will-writing
  • Ethics in the field of wealth management
Portfolio simulation
Overview of Financial Markets
Risk capital
Rates & Credit
Energy, Currency, Economy
Immoveable Assets
Offshore Investments
MF Industry
Insurance Industry
Estate Planning/Will Writing
Portfolio Creation (Analysis of Investments)
Evaluation of Investment + Rebalancing
Personal Taxation
Legal & Compliance
Ethics + Fair Business Practices

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the fine art of client interaction
  • Ability to conduct meetings both online and offline
  • How to prepare for a meeting
  • Art of communication in groups and 1-1
  • Ability to influence and negotiate
Basic Communication
Grooming Etiquette
Writing Skills
Interpersonal Skills
Time Management
Public Speaking
Presentation Skills
Basic Selling Skills
Relationship Management Fundamentals
Managing Customer Relationship