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Basics of Money Management

Basics of Money Management
What is the Program all about?

The program handholds you into the world of money and markets by exposing you to sound investment principles and helps you build your first portfolio.

Who is this Program for?

This Program is for those who wish to learn more about money and investments

Month 1
Introduction to Savings and Investment
The Eighth Wonder: The Power of Compounding
How Macros impact the Markets
Where to Invest? Let’s talk about Asset classes
Importance of Asset Allocation
Investing through Mutual Funds
Creating your own Investment Portfolio
What should you expect?

You should expect to learn the benefits of savings and investments, nuances of compounding, and how to analyze various financial asset classes to build your investment portfolio.

Program Highlights
  • Master Class by industry experts
  • Live classes
  • Less theory and more practice
  • Access to OAWA’s e-library
Fee Structure
Course Fees
Introductory Fees ₹ 9,700/- (Inclusive of GST)

Empower Your Financial Future with Money Managers

Gain insight into the needs of money management with our complete program. Learn how to maximize your financial prospects through clever investment choices and strategic planning.

Key Features:

Savings and Investment: explore the significance of saving and how to invest wisely.

1. Compounding Power: Unlock the magic of compounding and its impact on wealth accumulation.

2. Economic Influence: Grasp how macroeconomic factors shape market dynamics.

3. Diverse Assets: Explore various asset classes and their role in a balanced portfolio.

4. Mutual Fund Investing: Simplify investing with mutual funds for diversified exposure.

Practical Learning Experience:

1. Live Classes: Interactive sessions with experts to clarify concepts in real time.

2. E-Library Access: A wealth of resources at your fingertips for in-depth learning.

3. Master Classes: Specialized classes by industry professionals to provide insider insights.

Embark on your journey to becoming a smart investor with our Basics of Money Management program. Cultivate the talents to navigate the financial markets confidently and build a robust investment portfolio.