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Certificate Program in Finance & Wealth Management

Certificate Program in Finance & Wealth Management


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Unlock the secrets to financial success!

Build Your Skillsets

Learn how to make informed financial decisions and master the art of building a comprehensive portfolio

A Hybrid Program

A combination of self-paced content and live classes

Expert Coaching

Learn from Industry veterans and academicians with a combined average experience of over 15 years

Access to eLibrary

Get lifetime access OAWA's eLibrary to master the concepts. Revise as many times as necessary. Quiz yourself on the important concepts

Gain Alumni Status

As OAWA alumni, get invited to all the masterclasses by industry-experts and other alumni-exclusive events. Network with like-minded individuals

Doubt Resolution

Schedule a 1 - 1 doubt resolution whenever necessary to support your learning


  • Understand the basics of savings, investment, and speculation
  • Learn how to convert savings into long-term wealth
  • Discover the profound impact of compounding on investments and wealth creation
  • Explore the influence of economic growth, inflation, and policy actions on financial markets
  • Delve into asset classes, including equity and debt
  • Understand the characteristics of equity as an asset class
  • Explore the nuances of debt as an asset class
  • Master the art of practical asset allocation
  • Evaluate the role of gold and real estate in a well-rounded investment strategy.
  • Explore various ways to invest in these asset classes
  • Understand how life, health, vehicle, and home insurance contribute to comprehensive wealth protection.
  • Explore types of mutual funds and their utility as investment tools.
  • Learn to select the right mutual funds for your portfolio.
  • Build and manage a diversified mutual fund portfolio.
  • Select debt and equity schemes, monitor your investments, and calculate returns.
  • Gain practical insights into valuing bonds and understanding their role in your portfolio.
  • Learn bottom-up and top-down methodologies for valuing equity shares.
  • Develop strategies to minimise risk in your investment portfolio.
  • Explore risk management approaches for both debt and equity investments.
  • Master the art of constructing, tracking, and evaluating a diversified portfolio
  • Learn the importance of rebalancing to maintain optimal performance

Best-in-class Content

Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos, activities and quizzes. Learn from the best at your own convenience.

Certificate Program in Finance & Wealth Management

Foundations of Financial Success
The Magic of Compounding
Macroeconomics and Market Dynamics
Asset Classes
Asset Allocation Strategies
Precious Metals and Real Estate Investments
Insurance for Wealth Protection
Mutual Funds Demystified
Crafting Your Mutual Fund Portfolio
Bond Valuation Simplified
Equity Evaluation Techniques
Risk Management Strategies
Crafting Your Comprehensive Portfolio
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