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Investment Workshop

Investment Workshop

4-day ONLINE workshop to make you future-ready

Workshop Dates:

Batch 1

4th - 5th May '24

11th - 12th May '24

Batch 2

1st - 2nd June '24

8th - 9th June '24

Batch 3

8th - 9th June '24

15th - 16th June '24

Day 1: Understanding Investment Basics

Introduce students to the fundamental concepts of investing, including types of investment options and the importance of investing early.


  • • Introduction to Investment
  • • Activity: Stock Market Simulation Game

Day 2: Bonds and Mutual Funds

Delve deeper into bonds and mutual funds, understanding their characteristics, benefits, and risks.


  • • Introduction to Bonds and Mutual Funds
  • • Activity: The BOND Game & Mutual Fund Research Game

Day 3: Introduction to Alternative Investments and Portfolio Management

Explore alternative investment options like real estate and gold, and learn the basics of building a diversified investment portfolio


  • • Intro to Alternative Investment
  • • Activity: Real-o-Poly & Gold Investment Analysis
  • • Introduction to Portfolio Management

Day 4: Financial Planning and Investment Strategy

Learn how to set financial goals, plan for the future, and develop a personal investment


  • • Financial Planning Workshop
  • • Design Your Own Investment Plan


₹1000/- (inclusive of 18% GST)