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Program Overview

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OAWA’s Program in Wealth Management is the first of its kind with a unique combination of fundamental knowledge, practical application and soft skills. Acclaimed academicians and renowned industry professionals will conduct live virtual classes. If you are looking for an engaging and interactive course, then indeed, you will find it in the OAWA’s classroom. The six months may get over sooner than usual. Please do go through the details of the program and everyone is welcome to apply. The Academy also offers scholarships to the deserving candidates.

Duration: Six months

Award: Certified by OAWA and NSE Academy

Who should apply: An individual who wants to build a career in wealth management

Aspiring Wealth Managers
Existing Financial Professionals
Students studying Finance or Economics
Career Changers
Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
Individual Investors
Right Knowledge Right Skills Right Profession for New Age Opportunity
Course Outline
  • Foundation
  • Advanced
  • Soft skills
  • Case studies
  • Live virtual classes

Unlock the Secrets of Money Management

Our Money Management Course is organized to assign you the education and skills needed to take control of your financial destiny. Explore the needs of money management, where we protect everything from budgeting basics to progressive investment strategies.

Unlock the Secrets of Money Management

Our Money Management Training is tailored to cater to both starter and seasoned financial lovers. Remember to create robust funding, understand the complexities of savings and investments, and navigate the complexity of credit and debt management. With our expert advice, you'll be prepared to make educated monetary decisions that align with your dreams and aspirations.

Key Takeaways from Our Money Management Course

Effective Budgeting Techniques: Find how to allocate your resources wisely to reach financial stability.

Investment Strategies: Unclose the potential of your savings with clever investment choices.

Debt Management: Learn the secrets to controlling and decreasing debt efficiently.

Financial Planning: Set and acquire your financial goals with a personalized program.

Join us on this journey to financial empowerment and accept the first step towards a safe and successful future. Enroll in our Money Management Course today and start building the foundation for lasting monetary success.