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Wealth Master –
Wealth Master –
What is the Program all about?

These weekend workshops will introduce the participant to the fundamental concepts and then into practical application through case studies.

Who is this Program for?

The Workshop is designed for learners looking for a concise but specific knowledge of the domain of wealth management. Participants can be from varied academic backgrounds but are recommended to possess some basic understanding of finance. Participants of the Wealth Management Introduction workshop is suited for a beginner in finance.

All these workshops will be conducted over weekends
Market Olympiad

Risk Capital and Fixed Income Valuation

Investor Psyche - I

Risk Portrait & Financial Needs Analysis

Investor Psyche - II

Estate Planning

Whiz kid of risk

Derivatives & Hedging Techniques

Money Matters

Retirement Planning

Intern of Mint Street - I

Currency, Rates & Inflation

Intern of Mint Street - II

Bullion & Immoveable Assets

Intern of Mint Street - III

Wealth Management Introduction

What should you expect?

The participants will take away finer nuances of the domain. Get introduced to the concept and build on fundamental knowledge. They should leave the Workshop by gaining the following:

  • Able to reason out the dynamics of the domain
  • Assess the risk and reward for this domain
  • Able to connect the dots and build a pattern
  • Articulate the thoughts in a structured manner
Program Highlights
  • Program Highlights
  • Concepts made easy
  • Case studies
  • Interactive live classes
  • Distinguished Faculty
Fee Structure
Course Fees
Early Bird Offer ₹ 9,999 ₹ 3,999/- (Inclusive of GST)