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Young Money Manager

Young Money Manager
Next Batches:
18th May '24
22nd June '24
What is the Program all about?

This one-month intensive program for grades 8 to 12 instills essential financial literacy and investment skills, focusing on savings, compounding, and portfolio management. Designed for effective finance management and independence, it empowers students through interactive learning to build a strong financial foundation, prepare for entrepreneurial ventures, and confidently tackle financial challenges, setting the stage for both academic and future success.

Who is this Program for?

This program is ideal for school students in grades 8 to 12 who aim for:

  • Early Financial Literacy: The program teaches essentials to young learners for a solid financial foundation.
  • Entrepreneurial Readiness: It introduces financial management and investment strategies for future ventures.
  • Confident Financial Navigation: It prepares students to tackle financial challenges with confidence.
Month 1
Savings and Strategic Investment Planning
The Power of Compounding in Wealth Building
Navigating the Global Economic Landscape
Exploring Asset Classes with a Purpose
Fundamentals of Asset Allocation and Diversification
Mutual Funds and Beyond - A Young Investor’s Toolkit
Creating and Managing Your Investment Portfolio
Financial Planning for Higher Education
Introduction to Personal Credit and Debt Management
What should you expect?

You should expect to learn the benefits of savings and investments, nuances of compounding, and how to analyze various financial asset classes to build your investment portfolio.

Program Highlights
  • Master Class by industry experts
  • Live classes
  • Less theory and more practice
  • Access to OAWA’s e-library
Fee Structure
Course Fees
Introductory Fees ₹ 9,700/- (Inclusive of GST)